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Burmese Curly Collection

Our Burmese Curly is the perfect texture to give you VOLUME and holds a curl.

The hair is thick from root to tip.

Due to the RAW nature of the hair, the wave pattern and color may vary from bundle to bundle.


It’s highly recommended when installing bundles to avoid piercing through the weft. Piercing through the weft can cause shedding. Sewing around the wefts prevents any unwanted shedding


It is recommended to NOT over Saturate the curly hair with products on a daily basis !  
       * every 2-3 days is ideal for using products on hair . On the in between days simply mist the hair with water and brush thru ! The product from the previous days are still on the hair . 

Recommended products to enchance the curls , and leave a bouncy full look   
      * Aunt Jackie’s “ Curl Mane - Tenance   “ anti poof defining curl whip “ 

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